Once there lived a boy,

Completely unscathed by the world around him,

Untouched by the delusional cloys,

He lived a satisfied but dull life.


Then he met people,

Fell in love, made friends,

And had fun galore,

His soporific life had been cleansed,

Or so he thought?


For what is joy could also lead to misery,

And for what is eventful could also cause a heartbreak,

Agonizing over  guilt & regret,

He had now suffered innumerable painful injuries.


He wanted to erase the memories,

He wanted to start afresh,

But starting afresh was never easy,

As memories had now become his own captor,


He ran, and ran, trying to discover his lost happiness,

Alas, it always seemed to be hovering an inch farther

And then he finally gave up

Dejected, lost, he had now stopped seeking answers


He thought it was easy to gauge people,

As they reflect what they believe,

He was taught to believe with a pinch of salt,

But the boy always believed in what he saw.


Experience has now taught him differently,

That there is more to it than meets the eye,

Beneath the confounded layers of skin lie hidden,

People’s real self – their truth and their lies.


What a beautiful life it is, he thought,

As in the moment of hopelessness and delusion,

When he stopped running behind momentary pleasures,

Was finally when he got to rest all his confusions.


In that tranquil state,

When he had nowhere else to go, nowhere else to cry,

He realized that true happiness lies in his own company,

And everything else is nothing but just a blatant lie.