On a lazy Sunday afternoon
I yearned for a change
Instead of dozing on the couch
I vowed to ebb out of my mental cage

At 4:00 PM, my vow turned into a facade
As I crashed on my bed without an alarm
Hoping it would merely be a sweet nap
It eventually gave me stinging qualms

I suddenly woke up at 6:00 PM
Far from delivering exuberance
The so called nap made me drowsy
Distancing me further from my life-goals
I was aghast, and I was lousy

I wanted to break free from this conundrum
The 1% and myself are still separated by poles
99% would have taken an extended nap,

The 1% would be inching towards their goals

So what if it was a Sunday
To reach to the stature of 1%
Every second counts
So I ran and ran, and ran further
Hoping it would clear my doubts

The ‘runner’s high’ erupted like a volcano
As my mind began to settle
The sweat recharged my batteries
And the endorphins harbored my mettle

I came back home at night
And tripled my productivity
On a Sunday night, I surprised myself
And shunned all the negativity

I still belong to the 99%
But I have found my cure
Running all the way till I reach the 1%
Is what I  myself assure