Twenty thousand feet above the ground
I can see the bright azure blue skies
As the gigantic plane cuts across clouds
I suddenly get apprised

The clouds change their forms 
Making it difficult to predict what’s next
In a dramatic manner, they now turn gloomy & gray
Making me feel as if I am hexed

With the plane now making a virtuous descend
The belligerent clouds disappear like smoky flames
I land on to the place where I belong, and I realize
The transient view of azure skies can never be reclaimed

People have come, and people have gone
The beginning is always azure blue
The gray part eventually comes, and boredom kicks
Giving rise to an unimpeachable adieu

From the land, I look back at those disgruntled clouds
 They resembled a spectacular fixture
Or maybe that’s just my conception
Because from a distance
Even the humans paint a different picture!