Alone, weary, dismantled and conjured
I ventured into the mystical lands
A panoramic sight to behold
That seemed a far cry from my homeland

Could it answer my questions
About my state that is quotidian
It’s a thought that penetrates my soul
As I immerse myself in this oblivion

Yes, I am naive, yes, I made mistakes
But the fresh enchanting air dissipates hope
 I might fall, I might rise, well that’s life
Yet with every pitfall, I learn how to tightrope

And one day I will manage to sail through
Because a burnt child dreads fire
I will break the shackles, destroy my ignominy
And script a journey that will inspire

The homeland was a poisoned chalice
A veneer that glittered but was never gold
Home was where the comfort zone stood
But did it make me bold?

Stiff, fearful, I walked with my burdened past
Carrying the weight of the unanswered questions
Akin to an albatross around my neck
They only drenched me further in my tensions

So in these mystical lands, I  stopped seeking answers
My vexed oblivion brought me an air of nonchalance
For what is oblivion could also be blissful
And for what is oblivion could also begin a renaissance