There is thunder in the clouds
And I see a transparent empty glass
Just like the dead in their shrouds
The empty glass is a defunct mass

The glass now gets visibly shaken
Shimmering with sparkling water
It’s a glass half full
There is more water pouring inside 
Because it’s half empty

The water ceaselessly muzzles from the jug
Drop after drop, making the glass heavy
And soon it starts over brimming
It has had enough, it cannot take it anymore

I am suddenly smiling
This phenomenon reminds me
Of a bitter-sweet memory
A strange incident that perplexes me till date

 Human mind always craves for  love
In their empty heart resides a vacuum for longing
But when that craving turns into a habit
At one point everything breaks

Some people call it intense love
Some call it obsession
Some call it addiction
Whatever you may call it
It inadvertently muddies the waters

People are selfish, and people are naive
But people learn, and l learnt
That the empty glass wasn’t that lifeless after all

Emancipated from the drudged water
It spelt  freedom
And most importantly
It gets equipped now to face another jug