Broken dreams, shattered glasses
gloomy skies, abject misery
Could it have been any worse, I thought
And there she came
Smiling, gliding her impeccable charm
My dear friend
My dear Kiara


Amidst darkness
All I needed was hallowed light
Someone to tell me that I can roar 
Someone to show me the door
She came, and she held my hand
And made the moments in my life grand
My dear friend
My dear Kiara


I stood by reflecting my life
My undoings and my weaknesses
I was ashamed, I was sorrowful
I wanted to paint myself as the best
But what if I was already my best
This mere thought was enough to put me at rest


She made me embrace my flaws
Perhaps the flaws were an imperfect mirage
For what’s flaw or strength is a matter of perception
Such golden words, such sheer wisdom
I had to hear them
And I am glad I heard them from her
My dear friend

My dear Kiara


Sometimes, all you need in life
is a random act of kindness
but when that mere act seems genuine
It transforms into love
The most powerful emotion
The transformative emotion
The emotion that healed my aching soul
And yes, I am happy to admit
That now I am in total control
My dear friend

My dear Kiara


All this may sound like an epilogue
Though God forbid, it might become one day
The trials and tribulations, the wavering human nature
And the flickering time is something beyond my scope


Though let’s leave all that philosophy for now
And enjoy this very day
Because  while you are still here
I don’t want to waste a moment
I want to paint a million memories

So that tomorrow when I look back
I will have no regrets
With the dawn of the new season
You may not be here
But what about our memories
Beautifully etched in my heart with a knife
That would resemble a fine piece of art
I am going to make them eternal


My dear friend
My dear Kiara
Let’s enjoy this moment
Shall we?