After one year, I am back with another article. Let me first give you a background of what all has happened in the last one year – change of workplace, moving out of Delhi and shifting base to Bombay, no weight gain and hundreds of kms of running.

As you all have must read in my previous article, about how I shredded 20 kilos by doing nothing but running, this is more like a story about my running experience in Bombay, how I have continued to keep my routine in check, increased my running distance and stamina and tried to gain weight and failed.

I shifted to Bombay in mid Feb, and the thing I was thinking about, most of the times was how my running schedule and experience would be in the city. Upon reaching this new city, I realized how close I was staying to Worli Sea face and decided to make full use of the space and the sea breeze for running. On my third day in Bombay, I went for my first jog after office. I ran a distance of 5-6 kms that day, and was trying to digest the fact that I moved out of Delhi after a little more than 22 years and have arrived in a city as beautiful and enchanting as Bombay.

For the next few weeks, I stuck to my schedule and ran short distances, ranging from 5 kms on weekdays and 10 on weekends, every evening. But what I was in awe of, was the energy here. Hundreds of people were walking and running around, it felt like there was adrenaline in the air itself and one could not do anything but take it in. One fine day, I went for a run at 11 in the night and saw people still jogging around, it made my belief in the statement, “This city never sleeps”, stronger.

One fine day, I was at my paternal uncle’s place here in Bombay, I had to catch an early morning flight to Delhi that day so both, my uncle and I woke up early. As we were chatting over our morning cup of tea, he told me that he goes for a long distance run on weekend early in the morning. That inspired me to quite an extent, and I decided to experience the morning runs and also increase my mileage as soon as I came back.

Few days later, I landed back in Bombay and woke up early morning for a run. As soon as I started, I could feel the energies getting inside my bones, as it was a weekday, I did an easy 10K run under an hour. But the coming weekend was what I was waiting for, as it would be my first 21K run ever.

I woke up at 5.30 on this Saturday, started running and just kept on going. Yes, the sky was beautiful, the sea was giving its support with the perfect breeze. Starting from my place, I went on to Worli Sea Face, Haji Ali, a good 2 kms ascent on Peddar road, almost touched Marine Drive and came back from where I started. I finished my first 21K run in 2 hrs : 23 mins. I was happy, but my main agenda from that point onwards was to improve my timing. I’ve run 21K several times now with my best timing being 1 hr : 52 mins.

My appetite for running has increased multifold since the time I landed in Mumbai. Being not a very social guy, I have nothing much to do during the week, thus utilizing this time to not only stay fit but also to find a way out of everything else.

“I learned to run until I was tired, and then run even more after that.” All thanks to Muhammad Ali for this famous quote which I relate with. Running is my detox, I am addicted to it. It gives me more time to think, a glorious opportunity to spend my energy, a way to explore the city, see different things and meet new people, happiness, more room to eat and drink everything I can. But most of all, it gives me peace. Along with this, a special thank you goes to Bombay for all this.

Keep Running.

Sarthak Pandey
(Indian School of Business – Class of 2019)