On a warm cozy day
With a slight drizzle at gaze
I think out loud, with a pen in hand
and reminisce our moments that were grand

The drizzle comes and goes
As I nonchalantly look outside the window
Hoping it never stops
They bring me nostalgia, these mere raindrops

The fickleness of the drizzle amazes me
And it reminds me of you
And our fickle friendship

I never wanted the drizzle to stop,
Alas! it has stopped now
I never wanted to let go of you
Well… you have gone now

I look outside
And I see a tree but no shadow
While the drizzle has stopped
the darkness in the clouds remain
Without the drizzle, now it appears all gloomy

This is akin to my state an year back
When our relationship had the final crack
I had no shadow to protect me
I had, only and only an air of despondency

The drizzle is gone, and after a while
I see a bright ray of sunshine
And I look back at the tree again
It seems to be smiling
Laughing in all its pristine glory
Its shadow is back

The drizzle brought the tree temporary relief
but it robbed its shadow
You were the drizzle that gave me immense joy
but you robbed me of my….well… sheen

I look back and thank you for the memories
I look back and celebrate our good times
I look back and laugh at the times I felt hopeless
But, guess what,
I got my sunshine back

And even though we don’t talk anymore
I feel protected because of the shadow
This shadow seems powerful
And most of all, this shadow belongs to me

I am happier, I am smiling
I have realized the fleeting nature of drizzle
And I have realized the fleeting nature of relationships

Though, having said that
I look forward to the next drizzle
Although, next time
I will not moan over why it ended

I will just celebrate while it lasted