Those cheerful days
The times we made hay
Those unforgettable memories
The times we created unscripted stories

The times we shared our deepest secrets,
The times we vowed to be friends forever
The times we stood for each other
The times we cried together
The times we laughed together

The day we talked first,
Little did I know you would be so special
That our bond could ever have any freckle
The last time was unforeseeable
That you would be soon gone, was unfathomable

You changed, I changed
And slowly we became estranged
Life moves on, and people move on, they said
The last time has eventually come, is what I dread

The last time was painful
Your words pierced my heart like a sharp sword
The words, that spelt  doom of our chord
The last time was full of negatives
So many negatives 
that it crushed our innumerable positives
And that, unfortunately, is how we define reality
negative>>>>positive, is what we all agree

Every story is judged by its climax
I just hope that’s not the case in ours
I am now  much wiser
I am now much careful
I am more in control of my emotions
And certainly I am no longer impulsive

Of all the words created in the dictionary
Perhaps ‘goodbye’ is one of the most dreary
But Goodbye is quite a contronym
On one hand it closes one door,
And on the other it opens many more


Which makes me wonder 
Perhaps our last time wasn’t such a blunder?
Our last time was sacrosanct
A time that merely closed a beautiful chapter
Only for the next one to begin