The words they say are giant swords
The words, they say, they roar
And all, they say, they win a war
  yet we all know when they’re hoarse

I know you need no apology
Yet take it as an empathy
I am sorry for the words that leak
That pierce the heart and make you bleak
The nascence of a friendship ruined
Cidal egos, damn they come through


I wish I could go back and change things
oh damn, those dark memories will now forever cling
What will erase the dark past, I have no clue
how many times I will have to apologise, I have no clue
But give me one chance to write and explain it through

I am sorry to let the lady low
And I am ready to bend and bow
I am sorry to make a hazy throw
The regret just comes and flows
I am sorry again to make it sour
I am sorry I never know

My ego means nothing when compared to the memories we had
I wish you would realize that one day and come back
I know life will move on, and time and change is inevitable
But whether I find a friend like you ever, shall remain questionable

It’s alright, I have apologised enough, and I have written enough
And I cannot brood over this anymore
If you have made a choice, I should respect it
As bitter as it may seem, I should digest it

Life is after all, not like a running movie show
Happy Endings don’t exist here
Being a Writer, I feel paradoxical about our friendship
Since it’s not me, but you who now has the power to change the script.