Oh my distant light

Shining oh so bright

When will you bestow upon me?


The present light paints a dark picture

Maybe because I am overambitious

Or maybe because I dream of a king size life in future

I am unable to come out of this loop which appears vicious

Oh my distant light

When will you bestow upon me?


I woke up today, dazzled by a ray of sunshine, hoping you would come

And enchant me and my misery with your enigma

Yet you stayed aloof, making my existence even more humdrum

You, oh light, is nothing but a facetious mirage, making me damned by your wretched stigma


I wish you were there whenever I thought of ordering junk

I wish you were there when I foolishly repeated the same mistakes

I wish you were there when I broke my vow for the umpteenth time

I wish you were there when my body felt weak

I wish you were there when I thought  chatting with not so important people make me cool


You are so faraway, yet you used to give me hope

but not anymore

Now you may go

As far as you want, hell you don’t bring me optimism anymore


Before you go, I want to tell you something

And I want to thank you

For you have made me realize that you are non existent

and if any such light, the agent of change, does exist

It exists within me

I am the light, I am the hope, I am the doer, I am the reaper