So you had a good day,
You partied and made hay,
everything seemed fun and you were lively,
Life looked never so good and mighty

Your achievements and laurels brought you such temporary pleasure,
They brought you memories that you till date treasure,
but did they make you unperturbed during difficult times is what you might ask,
because successfully conquering such times is an equally mighty task

Good and bad, day and light, success and failure are all antonyms in the dictionary,
but if one gives you joy, does the other necessarily give you misery?
We laud and clap while watching a biopic of a successful person brimming with struggles,
But when calamity strikes, how often do we fuddle

It’s alright, is what we ought to say,
because it’s the failures and the difficult times,
that make our life beautiful, replete with sunshine

All we need is self belief and a tendency to work harder
So that the next time life hits us hard, we remain only calmer,
After all, isn’t this the trait that separates the stars from the superstars?
Making hay while the sun shines – you are a star,
Making hay when darkness erupts – you become a superstar