This story is about a guy who shredded 20 Kg in almost 3 months. And No, I’m neither advertising any dietary supplements nor things like slim belts. So now that money is not involved, just sit back and read. (Just to be clear, yes I am the guy who shredded those kilos)

As we begin, let me give you a background story about myself : Belonging to Delhi, I happily called myself a foodie and made sure that I lived up to that tag by eating everything and calling it exploration and foodgasm. Yes, the belly that pooped out was the result of all this with special credit to Big Chill’s bacon four cheese risotto. I weighed somewhere around 80 Kilos and I had gotten the right hints, was teased enough and finally found my motivation to become fit.
As  a recent graduate who was on the brink of starting out his professional career, I thought I was spending too much energy working and I compensated for it with food. Ordering burgers and pizzas every alternate day, eating chips every evening and eating fried potato chaat on the last day of every week – this is how my office life started. And this went on for almost two and a half months. I wasn’t particularly fond of exercising after reaching home, and used that time to read or watch tv shows and sleep off with almost 2400 calories  and more than 50% fat in my stomach.
It wasn’t meant to last that long, was it? So, it was time to get the blow from someone. It was my senior in office who said to me “You are extremely fat” and he had supporters. It was time to think. While going back home, his words were still stuck in my head, cause what he said was a fact, which I always took lightly. But this time I didn’t. After realizing how important, “being fit” is, for both mental health and physical health, I decided to take this up as a challenge. It was time to expend energy in the right direction and in the right way.
“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t Change you.”
From the first week of September, I started with jogging everyday in the evening. After reaching back home from office, I used to go for a 5 km jog everyday. On the first weekend of the week, I decided to push myself and I went for a 10 km jog and I felt extremely charged after the same and I ran 10 kms the next day too.
“Run! Run! Run!”
It motivated me, plus I got time to think while jogging and I used this time judiciously to process my thoughts and freshen up my mind as well. Soon, on holidays and weekends I was jogging 15 kms and burning more than 500 calories a day. For, the first 2 months i.e till the first week of December I followed the same routine. Run and lose!
“You know what the secret to weight loss is? Don’t eat much.”
It’s easier for you to convince your body to exercise but its tough to convince your brain to eat quality food and that too not that much. I finally was dethroned and my foodie tag was taken away because I ate less. Damn! Shocker!
The appetite that has taken ages to build, was demanding all my willpower. So, there it was. I was eating 1000-1200 calories a day, counting the calories in everything I ate, yes I was there. Cornflakes/oats for breakfast, cornflakes/oats for dinner. Buttermilk twice a day, green tea thrice a day. A healthy lunch spanning from lemon rice to chicken breast. Bye Bye to chips. burgers, pizzas and other junk food.
“Eat food with <10% fat and your body fat will be <10% too.” This was my boss’ mantra and I decided to follow it too. But, being a guy who loves desserts, I couldn’t give it away so easily. So, I decided that every Saturday would be my cheat day and I used to go to various bakeries and other restaurants and have nothing, but one dessert on that day.
“Cheat days are good and they are necessary.”
So, following the same routine, I lost 17.5 kgs in 2 months, Yes, I weighed 62 Kgs in the first week of December. And in another 15 days or so, I lost another 2 kilos and touched my lowest weight ever “60 kilos”. Schedule ahead was a bit different, I decided to do other exercises as well and increase my diet a bit. So, I started toning my new almost skinny body.
The new exercise regime had a few exercises –
Push ups
and other toning exercises with and without weights.
But yes, I ran everyday, but only till my body is warmed up. But I go for a long run every alternate weekend, cause that refreshing feeling is something that I need to experience – its a habit now, its a necessity.
I still exercise regularly, eat between 1200-1500 calories a day, run everyday for warm up and go for long runs on the weekends. While jogging I follow a time mechanism now, I jog for 20 seconds and then sprint for 15 seconds, and this goes on for 4 km, which is how much I run for my warm up and of course, till my tee is all wet (Thanks to the sprints and summers). But the new challenge is getting those biscuits off my diet. I am still stuck with 2 per day, but I am sure I will soon get the remaining ones off as well. My diet includes protein especially chicken, at least 5 days a week, boiled or in any form other than Indian (i.e with spices) or Italian (i.e with too much cheese). But I still consider myself a foodie, yes I still don’t eat much but I still love experimenting and trying different food and new restaurants.
I drink a beer or a glass of red wine occasionally, with friends or family.
Still no junk food.
All my friends and other people I know ask me for tips, but trust me I don’t have much tips for you. But still I would like you to note a few things :
1. Have quality food and Don’t eat much.
2. If you want to lose weight desperately, start counting calories, it’ll make you conscious of everything you eat. (It has one major disadvantage though – this habit never goes away).
3. Cardio to the extreme, if you want to lose weight.
4. Have a light dinner, but eat enough to recover the nutrients lost while working out.
5.Take a rest day every week.
6. Have a cheat day every week.
7. Drink occasionally, cause two beers stay in your body for almost two days and takes the same amount of exercise to get burned. (Just an estimate)
8. Stick to your routine.
9. Chart out goals and follow them.
So, I met my ex-senior recently, who told me “I was extremely fat” and indirectly motivated me, and he was shocked to see the transformation and it felt great. And I could say nothing but “Thank you”.
I don’t know what would motivate you, maybe my story will, maybe someone else’s will or maybe, if you get a senior like mine, it will. But, whatever it may be, find that motivation. I am not saying you should be fit, but I am saying its good to be fit. Just start exercising and control your diet a bit, you will feel your confidence rise, your personality transform, your spine won’t be bent anymore and your thinking might just get faster and you’ll be happier and the cheat days will make you even happier.
So, get up and get out, freshen up your mind, run a bit more than that and stay fit.
Sarthak Pandey