Quite often in our daily lives, we encounter a threat to our self esteem. Sometimes, such situations are governed by others’ behavior, and sometimes by our own. But the elephant in the room is how we deal with such situations. Most people would inevitably end up binge eating . If there’s lot of work at the office, they’ll go and grab a packet of chips, or perhaps order a pizza. Frustration can also peep in when we realize we are not as good as we should be. People around are better in some areas. Unable to digest that fact, we tend to find an escapist route to a few moments of artificial felicity through some self destruction activities. Eating a Donut or going on a shopping spree to console yourself isn’t going to solve our problem. Rarely does sanity or wisdom strike us when we are going through that short phase of despair. It probably arrives later, after we’ve become guilt ridden, but by then it’s already too late.

It’s difficult to control the mind, especially the subconscious one. What we can probably do is change how we react – devise alternative ways to vent out those moments of despair and frustration. In a video released by Indian School of Business, Professors Rishtee Batra and Tanuka Ghoshal reveal some exciting initial findings about high intensity sensory consumption (HISC), which can be a better alternative for managing threats to one’s self-worth compared to some more commonplace techniques.


After watching the video and actually trying to implement the techniques mentioned, I realized they did actually work! And I am so glad that I found this video now when I am still quite healthy and fit. Maybe two years down the line things could have been different had I continued using the same destructive methods for coping with self worth.

Here are some of the friendlier and healthier ways for tackling self threat –

  1. High Octane Music – Next time you feel like grabbing a packet of chips, just listen to one song (yes all that’s needed is 3 or 4 minutes). A groovy foot tapping number will do the trick. Studies show that such songs can alleviate stress by making you more aware, thereby removing the temporary urge of binge eating.
  2. Jogging – Jog in the morning or in the evening after coming back from work. Jogging increases dopamine in the brain, which are the “happy hormones” responsible for making you feel on top of the world. So no matter how bad your day went, all you need  is a good run (preferably in a park). The other multifold benefits that come along with jogging is just the cherry that you needed on the cake!


3.Exciting Movie – Movies are definitely a huge stress buster ( of course it also depends on the genre and the content quality). Powerful TED Talks/ Short comic videos can also do the job. Not only will they alleviate your mood in testing times, but they may also end up teaching a lesson or two during the process!

Difficult times will always be encountered. There will always be moments of self doubt and hopelessness when you come second in a race. In a competitive environment, it’s not possible to always win. But next time, perhaps we can try and listen to a nice song instead of grabbing a packet of Lays, thereby making our lives healthier and guilt free.