MBA aspirants have often dealt with questions like “Why MBA”, or “is MBA really worth it”? In this post, I will share my experience on answering such dreaded questions. I’ll also share my insights on Indian School of Business, and why I chose it over others.

This is generally the most common question you come across while writing application essays for top B Schools. Why MBA? How will it benefit you? Why MBA at this stage of career? While answering such questions, I think it’s important to analyze where you stand in your current work profile, what role you play in the company and how MBA can broaden that role. Ultimately, every individual wants to have a quick learning curve and career growth in a firm. An MBA can more often than not make that growth steeper, faster and adds a Brand value to your name.
To get a more comprehensive answer to Why MBA, it should be drilled down into-
A) Where do you stand currently
B) Where do you “want to” stand 3 to 4 years down the line.
C) How will having an MBA degree make that progression faster.
Often, the Why MBA part also deals with a drastic career shift mindset. If you are in that position, then it would be prudent to  have a specific flowchart on how the career shift aligns to your long term goals. If you can back that up with imaginative and strong points from your profile that show that your thinking aligns with the career shift, then it’s all good!

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Is MBA Really Worth it
Often, there are questions on ROI for expensive top B Schools. When you invest 15 to 20 Lakhs in a top B school like IIM, you naturally have sky high expectations. But more than the financial aspect, an MBA can help you in networking, peer learning and also in fine-tuning some of the subtle indicators of success like Grooming and Communication skills. Again, it’s definitely debatable whether these skills are only taught in B Schools and cannot be picked up by an individual working in any organisation. If you ask me, then yes – it can be taught in an organisation as well. Smart people pick it up over time. The question that needs to be asked is – “How long is that time?” In a Tier 1 B School, all you need is an year or two of your time and the exposure to a cut throat world inside any B School makes you come out of it as a raging Warrior. Raghuram Rajan had once said- “If you survived the first term at IIM Ahmedabad, you can survive almost anything.”
That’s what B Schools do to you.

                                                Indian School of Business

I decided to give GMAT last year. I did not give CAT. I have always believed in the power of one – focus on one exam, focus on only a few B School and if your efforts are genuine, then you have a fighting chance. I got a decent score and immediately started working towards my ISB applications. It was a roller coaster experience – filled with frustration, hope, anxiety, and finally ecstasy!
I chose ISB because for me MBA is not just about getting a hefty package during placements, it’s also about learning from peers and developing a strong EQ. I have read an amazing quote- “In ISB you get to have breakfast with an Army Guy. Lunch with Doctor and then dinner with an Architect- all in a span of 24 hours”. The kind of diversity and professors ISB has (From the likes of Wharton, Harvard and many more) is unmatched. Furthermore, ISB stresses a lot on extra curricular activities, and I am looking forward to playing an active role in some of the invigorating clubs out there when I join ISB.

London Business School
                                   London Business School

For all the future MBA aspirants (with strong profiles), securing an MBA from a top B school won’t be a cakewalk. You will need to elucidate comprehensive points in your essays (believe me, that makes the difference eventually!). If you have already figured that out, then you are on the right track. But if you haven’t – then there are others who can do it for you. MBA Admission Consultants can sometimes come in handy and can make that thin line of difference between an admit and a ding. They are experienced, and have already helped tons of students with diverse profiles. Personally, I would recommend GyanOne MBA Consultancy services ( to such aspirants in that regard – they are the best I know in this field. Many of my friends with admits from London Business School, ISB, NUS Singapore, and Harvard (to name a few), vouch for their services. So if you have an excellent academic profile and want to do an MBA, but are confused on how to go about MBA applications, there isn’t much to worry!