We experience moments all the time. Everyday, every second is a moment. But what are memories? Is there some random algorithm that combines some moments and turns them into memories?

Every event that we encounter in life, creates impressions on our mind. Some of these are malleable and fleeting, but some impressions are permanent. The latter is what we call memories. Not every moment becomes a memory. But those that do, are often cherished for a long time.

I was recently travelling by metro to my workplace. Regular day. Regular routine. Monotony was about to knock on the door. But as the train moved from one station to another, I looked out and recounted how my life was a couple of years back – those sweet memories from college . The girl I went on a date with, the friends I made, the harmless banter among classmates during class hours – all that lingered in my mind for some time.

I made quite an observation about memories the next day – I didn’t quite realize the value of the moments I spent in college life until then. Now, I want to go back to those beautiful days, and tell all those wonderful people and teachers out there that I had a really great time. Somehow,I don’t mind attending all those tedious lectures now. I don’t even mind giving an exam tomorrow in college. I just would like to go back and change some things. Make more friends. Relive the memories. But time and tide waits for none. That’s the harsh reality of life.

Memories can be sweet and sometimes bitter too. I have some really bitter childhood memories. They refuse to fade away because of the powerful impressions they created on my mind at such an innocent age. But memories, be it bitter or sweet – always have the power to teach us life lessons. No book or motivational lecture can teach you what memories can. Right From your past dating experiences, grades in subjects or a shameless sin you committed once, each of these impressions govern what you are today. Memories help you make better choices in life. They make you wiser and mature.

The thought of a painful memory can sometimes lead to regret. For example, the time you wasted earlier on not so useful things in life can be a painful memory. So can be the bad habits of the past. However, regret for these memories is not entirely a bad sign. This sign has the potential to make you stronger in life, and also provides you a vital tool to fight your own battles valiantly. Memories groom us for a better tomorrow.  But what about the present? Some of the moments of the present that are about to fade might become memories of tomorrow. Just the mere thought of this fact is strong enough to make us all grateful in life.

So embrace the present – work extremely hard while at workplace, enjoy to the Tee when you are not. Explore life, build hobbies, passions and cultivate them like a farmer cultivates his crops. If you do so, I am sure that when these moments become a memory of the past – you will look back with a wide smile on your face, feeling extremely proud and happy  for yourself.