We have all had phases in life where we needed some inspiration. Inspiration in itself has a very broad meaning. We can inspire others, and others can inspire us. No matter how successful we become in life, there is always something to look forward to, there is always scope for improvement, and thats where inspiration comes into picture. A super-rich person in his mid 50’s might be extremely satisfied with all the wealth he has created, but still might want to take inspiration from one of his not so successful colleagues who has been maintaining a super healthy body. Inspiration is a ladder game – there are people who follow you, and there are people you follow (get inspired from). Here are a few ways to seek inspiration.

1. Friends – Peer group pressure is a norm that is common everywhere – right from school to college and even to an extent in corporate life. But instead of perceiving it in negative light, it can be seen as a source of inspiration. Throughout my life, I have always been inspired by people who scored better than me, who were more talented than me or who were better time managers than me. Today, most of these people are my good friends. They kept me on my toes, taking me through a journey of constant self assessment and self improvement. From my experience so far, such journeys are often everlasting and immensely rewarding.

2. Seniors – As the wine gets older, it tastes better.  So does wisdom. A person with more experience than you is bound to share some interesting insights with you. If you are a twenty something working in a corporate office and you see your executive talking with panache and enchanting one and all with his wit and knowledge, you are bound to get inspired. You  might then go ahead and read lots of books on management to  enhance your intellect level, you will start grooming your thinking better. However, in hindsight, the credit for that should go to that particular senior as he made you realize that there is so much to learn out there in this world, and there is so little time!

3. Movies – Some movies stick in your memory because of their sheer entertainment value. But there are a few movies that give us hope to achieve our dreams. It maybe a rags to riches simple story, or a real life story of someone who changed the definition of impossible.

4. Your ownself – There is no stronger force than our soul to inspire us. We may have failed. We may have succeeded. But intrinsic inspiration is always needed to make ends meet.  Consider this – if you achieve something, you will feel an additional responsibility on yourself to justify that achievement. If you are called hardworking by many, you feel responsible to work even harder and justify that quality. You inspire yourself to raise the bar!

5. Our role models – We all have role models – they may be our parents, a popular historical figure or even someone who lives next door!  Their ideology and lifestyle inspires us. And in the midst of trying to ape that, we sometimes might end up discovering our own self – our own talents and our own potential.

Likewise, there are so many ways to seek inspiration. Ultimately, what matters is whether we conquer our desired goals or not. Inspiration is just a vital catalyst!