Happiness is a term that has a very abstract meaning. This ubiquitous word is in fact quite complicated and exploring its real essence can often lead one to a path of self discovery.

Over time, I have realized that there are two kinds of happiness – temporary happiness (which is more fragile and a little artificial),and long-term happiness. We run behind temporary happiness right from childhood to mid twenties, misconstruing them as a feeling which will give us everlasting joy. But many people realize later on that there is a sense of void in their lives. For a few of the unlucky ones, this journey of self-realization can take a lifetime.

Temporary happiness can come in many forms – placement in dream companies,selection in one of the hotshot colleges, going wild on the dance-floor in one of those rocking parties, or just simply “chilling out” in life.

Do more of what makes you happy.

Now let’s analyze some of these scenarios. Suppose you are from an IIT. Now your next state of happiness might depend on getting that dream job at Google. Now suppose you get into Google as well. You’ll be on cloud nine but then comes the game of promotions. Your next state of happiness might be on getting a promotion. Now just imagine – you become the CEO of Google.  What next? If you sit back and think for a while, you will realize that your one state of happiness probably led to another. And these were temporary that gently faded with time. After conquering every temporary happiness, there comes an eternal quest of conquering the next one, and in between any two such events or spur of immense joy – there is always a phase of despair, frustration, and sometimes too much tension and drama.

Human mind’s cravings never stop. Cravings can never give us happiness. But there are certain things in life that can give us a continuous dose of happiness . All of us have some innate talents. But unfortunately, during the course of this rat race called life, many end up smothering their talents – the very talents that keep us sane, happy and give us a sense of contentment.

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone starrer Tamasha also dealt with a similar topic. Though the film tanked at the box office, it did raise an important point – that while we go and run behind all these worldly pleasures, it’s important that we do not lose track of our inner soul , our true nature. Otherwise we end up as boring and robotic souls.

A beautiful moment from Tamasha!

These regular doses of happiness can be anything – writing, painting, dancing, gardening, music, going for a jog daily, acting, cooking,reading or just doing an act of kindness unconditionally. These activities add the much needed fun and jazz in life. They bring us an identity outside what we do for a living. They are a breath of fresh air, a far cry from the daily monotony that prevails in most workplaces.

Many of us may have friends who we thought were excellent painters/dancers/writers at a certain point of their lives. But then they got into some college and now have some job, and have probably given up on that passion that made them all unique.

Working in a great company is not bad. Going behind worldly pleasures is not bad. In fact, being ambitious can more often be one of our biggest hallmarks. But all of this should never come at the cost of happiness.

Happiness is within you!

So let’s all get back to what we were good at. Let’s revel and explore this beautiful journey called life. Let’s be different. Let’s be happy!