Facebook is an interesting little world. Being the most populous and trendy social networking site, it has certainly made a lot easier for us to delve a little deep and categorize the various kinds of users you’ll find here. Over my three-and-a-half-year tenure as a Facebook user, I have come to realize that most of these Facebook friends can easily be labelled under any of these categories. Read on….

Typical day on Facebook

1) True-Blue Stalkers: These users are often a well-kept secret and apart from a few close friend of theirs, none of their so-called Facebook friends know about this mischievous trait of theirs. These loose cannons basically deal with procrastination in the most uncanny way- stalking random people out of the blue!

2) Mutual Liker Pairs: This category is often the most interesting and at the same time most baffling. It consists of pairs that only communicate or acknowledge each other’s heavenly presence by liking their statuses/photos. They surely seem to have mutual respect, but when they bump into each other in reality, there are ninety-nine percent chances of them completely ignoring each other’s heavenly presence.

 3) Narcissistic Souls: These users prefer to keep track of other users’ Facebook lives from the sidelines and do not mind playing second fiddle. They hardly post any status updates or photos but when they do- they make sure they do it like a Boss! A totally brash and doozy status comes up once in a blue moon to signify their presence in the mighty Facebook world. RIP MODESTY.  These self-confessed celebrities blow up their own trumpet unabashedly and are immune to comments like ‘congrats,’ ‘party’ etc.

4) The Ever so Jobless Mortals: This category has seen quite a considerable growth over time. It consists of these lonely wanderers that basically post everything about their lives- from where they are eating or going or even chocolate cake photos. So much so that it looks they are out on that mission with a predetermined mindset of coming up with something ‘new’ to post later on.

5) The Friend-zoned Users: This is a relatively new and unexplored terrain. It consists of ardent males who show their eternal support for their puppy love by conscientiously liking their photos and commenting in the positive. Little do these poor fellows know that they had been friend-zoned by the same crush ever since they started indulging in this activity.

6) The Stealth Mode User: He’s the one who never makes a single post, yet is seen online all the time just so that he never misses out on the gossip. So beware- he has his eyes on you even though it might seem otherwise.

Have I missed any other significant category? Do drop in a comment and let me know!